Simple RecyclerView with CardView Tutorials in Android Studio

Learn How to Create A Recyclerview with Custom CardView layout in android studio tutorials. In this Tutorial We are going to use recyclerview to create a list of cardview with imageview and textview. The Custom Adapter is used to bind the data and the textview and imageview in the recyclerview. This is a basic android studio 3.4 tutorials video for the beginner to learn about cardview as well as recyclerview.

You can download the source code from the github. For More android Studio Tutorial subscribe to us:


  1. great tutorial. I m also android app developer but not an expert . can you please help me so that I may also be the expert of android programming ?

  2. can you please suggest me the best tutorials to become an expert in android development ?

  3. There are many tutorial are available you can watch , you can watch free tutorial on Udemy or you can buy android courses. For beginners you can watch free Android tutorials available on


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