Make Note Taking Android App From Scratch | Android Studio Tutorial | Part -3

Welcome to Part 3 Of Note Taking Android App Tutorial Series , Finally, Now its time to Retrive the data from the Database to Display in RecyclerView.
This is an Easy Android Studio Projects tutorial series ,we are going to build the Note Taking Android app from the scratch.
We will use SQLite database to store the notes and we will perform simple CRUD operation to create,read,update and Delete the note.
This will be a series of video tutorials and at the end the series you will have fully functional note app which you can upload in google play store as well. I will link the GitHub project link below using which you can contribute to this app since it is only the primary version of app, if you want to implement new idea on the app, you can FORK on github and push the changes. Source Code:

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  1. Really lovely stuff i am an android app developer so i should know.


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